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A suite of mobile apps for commercial, industrial, residential and low income energy efficiency.

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    webinar-1Watch this 26 minute webinar to see Hancock's newest commercial building auditing app, Mint.

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    Lighting, ASHRAE Levels 1 & 2 Energy Audits

    Reduce the complexity of energy retrofits. Energy audit offline, on any building type using any type of mobile tablet. Pre-populated with thousands of library items, the app proposes computer generated energy savings recommendations. Once collected, the data syncs with the cloud, facilitating instant collaboration across multiple users in real time.

    Digital Incentive Applications in One-click

    The Hancock Energy Energy Efficiency Cloud's Incentives Center transforms your building site assessments into utility incentive applications. Customize incentives, measures and product lists and self-configure data collection to get a tailor-made mobile app for any type of energy efficiency initiative.

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Commercial & Industrial Information Sheet
Residential HEAT Energy Audit App Product Sheet
Hancock MINT
Hancock Mint is the only mobile application that supports complete ASHRAE Level 2 audit and proposal on site and Offline.
With MINT, you are able to instantly record existing conditions and proposed replacements.
With a simple-to-use record of inventory, pricing and content are easily customized for each company for any type of energy efficiency product. Mint can even recommend measures.
Mint provides a Dramatically shorter time from site assessment to proposal. All of your data is securely stored in the cloud, and available to your team before you get back to the office.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Approved Energy Modeling and Customized Electronic Data Capture for Residential Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Modeling - Offline

    The only residential energy audit where the entire energy model and customer education reporting operate offline as a standalone mobile app.

    • Electronic signatures
    • Homeowner Questionnaires
    • Ashrae 62.2 -2013 calculator
    • Quality Control Inspections
    • HPXML Export
    • TMY3 Weather Data
    • Energy modeling for single family and mobile homes
    • Operate in quick audit mode and customize data capture
  • Accurate, Proven & Easy-to-use

    Technically proven to be accurate. Has been U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) certified and tested, RESNET tested and evaluated by third-party EM&V firms. In every case HEAT has been proven to provide detailed, accurate results for energy loss, peak load system sizing, and projected savings.

Home Performance Contractor Video

American Energy Solutions is a home performance company whose size and reach spans all areas of Maryland. Watch how they use Hancock's residential audit app, HEAT, on the iPad on a 4,000 plus square foot home to run accurate energy savings projections, produce compelling proposals for the resident, and create work order scopes for their seven crews.

HEAT Online

Learn more about how Hancock's HEAT Online for Contractors can streamline all areas of your business operations.

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