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Weatherization Program Management and Energy Auditing Solutions

Income Eligible home energy services program management solutions

State Weatherization Programs

Learn how Maryland doubled completed units without increasing staff

Hancock's income-eligible solution for the weatherization assistance program (WAP) and the integrated energy audit app are being used today by more than a quarter of the states who run the Department of Energy weatherization program and by hundreds of community action agencies.

The system delivers an ecosystem for state program managers, community action agencies and contractors to enforce data uniformity and integrity, enhance productivity and create a real-time transparency into all program-related activity across a weatherization network.

Hancock has processed more than 350,000 weatherization assistance projects.


  • Easy-to-use energy modeling and data collection tool
  • Federal and Utility compliance
  • Electronic signatures
  • ASHRAE 62.2-2013 calculator
  • DOE Quality Control Inspections
  • Energy modeling for single family and mobile homes
  • Innovative mobile technology that operates offline
  • Built to the Department of Energy’s latest specifications
Community Action Agencies

More than 450 Community Action Agencies use Hancock Software to:

  • Replace paper with electronic data collection on mobile apps
  • E­-sign, calculate ASHRAE 62.2-2013, capture photos and use
  • HEAT, a DOE approved energy audit tool
  • Enforce accurate and efficient data collection
  • Create work orders
  • Streamline inventory tracking
  • Perform quality control inspections on mobile devices
  • Manage federal and utility contracts
  • Track results of state inspections
  • Report on funding source activity

Read a case study to learn what it's like for an agency to adopt the Hancock Software platform