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Hancock’s LIHEAP solution is a complete cloud-based system that enables state offices to administer Income Eligible Heating and Energy Assistance Programs (LIHEAP).

For decades, Hancock has enabled LIHEAP programs to maximize their impact.

By leveraging Hancock Software's proven technology and practices, your weatherization program is an even greater catalyst for economic growth, job creation, and environmental sustainability. 

With more than 450 CAAs and 34 utilities benefitting from programs run on the Hancock Cloud platform, we offer a proven track record of success. 


Securely manage all aspects of the LIHEAP program from client intake through payment.

Some features include

  • Client intake processing and quick search of client records.
  • Tracking and maintenance of household demographic and income information
  • Tracking and maintenance of client payment history
  • Tracking receipt of required and outstanding documents.
  • Automated client eligibility determination.
  • Agency administration fee calculation and invoicing
  • Fuel vendor payment request tracking and reporting
  • Budget and balance tracking to prevent overspending
  • Pre­built and ad hoc reports, such as client management reports, incomplete applicant reports, etc
  • All required DHHS reports, including statistical reporting

Clients Apply Online

Client Self-Intake automates client accounts. The client portal shows appointment scheduling, gives status updates and even lets the client rate their fuel vendor all without calling the office.

Manage Contracts

Support multiple allocations with overlapping start and end dates without difficulty.

Measure Performance

Monitor the program with administrative tools like you've never seen before. Allocation management that ensures you are helping as many clients as possible and in the areas that need it most.

Direct Fuel Vendor Access

Track your fuel vendors! With their own account access, fuel vendors can receive payments and monitor their service requests with ease. To ensure all clients receive quality care, the best vendors will shine through, with ratings from clients.

Enhanced Security

With Two-Step Verification, client records are maintained with an extra layer of protection used to ensure security at the highest level,  beyond just a username and password.

Seamless Transition

With a personal success agent we make transitioning from another software—paper records or spreadsheets—effortless.

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