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Who Is Using Hancock Software?

We Provide Solutions to the Following Markets

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Energy Service Providers

We offer energy audit and program management solutions for Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP) and Low Income Housing Assistance Programs (LIHEAP) for states and their community action agency partners.
We partner with Energy Service Providers who design and implement residential, multi-family, and commercial energy efficiency programs.
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Home Performance Contractors

We enable utilities to control, track, and optimize energy efficiency programs by providing real time transparency for the entire energy efficiency lifecycle, from initial data collections to EM&V and compliance reporting.
We offer mobile energy audit solutions that enable Home Performance Contractors to enhance their customer engagement activities and drive more retrofit conversions.

Hancock is the only program management solution that streamlines the entire energy program delivery process within a single system.
Willie Fobbs, III Associate Director of Housing, DHCD, State of Virginia

Why Hancock Software?

Hancock Software is the Industry Leading Provider of End-to-End Energy Effiency Solutions

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Reduce energy demand by improving energy efficiency program outcomes.
One platform that connects everything and everyone involved in your energy efficiency initiative.
Single source for all your residential, multifamily, and commercial energy efficiency program needs.
10 Years of experience: proven track record in Energy Efficiency Program Management.

Full Circle Energy

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Full Circle Energy Efficiency program management platform in the cloud.


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Cross platform native mobile apps with embedded energy modeling engine.

Program Management

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Manage energy audits, work orders, inventory, payments, and reporting.

Customer Service

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World class support services keep customer satisfaction our top priority.

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HEAT is our DOE certified mobile app for residential energy audits

HEAT is the system of choice for state agencies, housing authorities, utilities, energy service providers, and home performance contractors.

Energy Auditors that use HEAT:

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Deliver consistent and accurate energy audits on site.
Specify recommendations that save energy and money.
Meet per measure minimum SIR requirements.
Collect data to capture priority audit information.
Use offline and then upload to Hancock’s cloud program management system.
Spend more time in the office and less time in the field.
Eliminate hand written audits.
Print completed audits and energy savings reports while still in the home.

Mobile Energy Audit and Program Management Platform

We offer mobile data collection and cloud-based end-to-end energy efficiency program management solutions that maximize reductions in energy demand.

For over ten years, Hancock Software solutions have been used by state and local governments, housing authorities, utilities, energy services providers, and home performance contractors to collect field data, precisely analyze energy usage, manage retrofits, monitor the flow of money, and report on compliance.

About Hancock Software

Hancock Software is a leading provider of mobile energy audit and cloud based program management solutions for residential and commercial energy efficiency programs.


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